Software that makes medical billing EZ for billers and providers

EZClaim is affordable, easy to use software designed to simplify every aspect of the medical billing process.

Amazing system that fits our needs perfectly! Customer service is amazing and answers all of my questions the same day. Registration, claims creation, and statement abilities are perfect.

Vicky G.

Owner, Billing Company

Phenomenal. The software is fantastic, the price is great and the customer service is out of this world. The best purchase I’ve made for my company, hands down.

Jeff V.

Owner, Billing Company

“EZClaim is incredibly easy to use, has great reporting features, and has allowed me to increase my productivity ten-fold since I started my business. It has been a game-changer for us.”

Maureen R.

Owner, Revenue Cycle Company

Ever get the feeling that you’re not billing as efficiently as you could be? That you’re leaving time and money on the table every revenue cycle?

EZClaim reporting provides the data you need to make your business more profitable. No more guessing.

Put the power back in your hands and make more informed decisions that grow your business with our reporting tools.

Now you have the live data you need to make critical business decisions without any second guessing. These insights drive your business forward.

Tired of copy + paste? Automate repetitive tasks to save time and money.

Use pre-filled templates and automatic checklists to cut down on repetitive data entry and make sure your claim is right the first time.

By templating as much as possible and using customizable accuracy checks you can avoid mistakes and deliver accurate claims faster than ever before.

No more double-entry! Easy integration so that your data just flows through.

EZClaim integrates with a variety of healthcare platforms so that data moves between them seamlessly.

Bill accurately every time and know that your data is always up-to-date, no matter where it originates from.


Eligibility and Claim Tracking

Clearinghouse Integration

Integrated Applications

Credit Card Processing

Electronic Remittance Advice


EZClaimPay allows you to streamline your billing process, simplify the fees, get paid faster, and reduce collection costs. Bill more efficiently with card-on-file recurring payments, email and SMS text message payment reminders, and give your patients the convenience of an easy online payment portal.

EZClaim-Portal-Claim List Report

EZClaim Portal

The EZClaim Portal is a low-cost option to quickly gain read-only access to their EZClaim data. This Portal helps in reducing delays in communication, giving more visibility to Providers, and helping deliver peace of mind without a large financial commitment.

EZClaim Scheduling

EZClaim Scheduling makes it easy to create and view patient appointments, convert appointments into claims, collect a payment, populate reports, and simplify your workflow. Full integration with EZClaim Billing means it is always up-to-date and gives you the ability to quickly transfer appointments and generate claims.

More than just software, a partner to grow your business to new heights by billing more affordably in less time.

Man1-Supporting Customer On The Phone

Meaningful Support From a Team That Knows You

Our support team is the backbone of our company. We never outsource, and empower our team to use their expertise to deliver tailored solutions.

Lady Using EZClaim Medical Billing Software

Join A Community of Fellow Small Business Owners

EZClaim helps process over 4 Million medical claims every year across all 50 states! Plus we support our clients with free resources like webinars and best practices.

Lady Using EZClaim Medical Billing Software

Improve the Patient Experience While Increasing Payment Rates

EZClaim gives you a variety of options to make it more convenient for your patients to pay like our online payment portal and text message payment reminders.

Pre-Recorded Demo

Get a closer look at EZClaim Billing with the overview video below.

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Amazing System

“Amazing system that has fit our needs perfectly! Customer service is amazing and helps with all of my questions within the same day…

Very organized and easy-to-use software to cover all of my billing needs. Great job. Registration, claims creation, and statement abilities are perfect.”

Vicky G.
Owner | Billing Company

Very Impressed

“I have been very impressed with EZ Claim and their seamless integration with my clearinghouse.  Implementation was incredibly easy and I was able to be up and running quickly…

EZ Claim is incredibly easy to use, has great reporting features, and has allowed me to increase my productivity ten-fold since I started my business.  I am able to easily view specific information quickly in order to structure my priorities to increase revenue and decrease longstanding debt.  It has been a game-changer for us.”

Mauren R.
Owner | Revenue Management Company

Can't Recommend Them Enough

“EZ Claim has been amazing for my small business and I can’t recommend them enough…

I run a billing company and I have nothing bad to say about EZ Claim.  Whenever I have a client ask me about software/EHR systems I always tell them to look at EZ Claim first.  The billing portion of my work is very easy to do within this program.  The reports are comprehensive and easy to understand.  The two times (in over two years of being an EZ Claim customer) that I’ve needed tech support there was a live person on the phone within a minute and my problem was resolved easily and quickly…

There has not been one thing that I don’t like about EZ Claim.”

Kelli G.
Owner | Billing Services Company

Super Easy to Navigate

“The homepage makes it super easy to navigate. I really like the tabs for ease of navigation of the program…

No difficulties with integration. I can’t think of anything that I would feel needs changed for what we used the program for.”

Tammie H.
Accounting Assistant | Housing Company

Manage Several Businesses

“I can manage several businesses’ claims, insurance issues, and general practice support because this software is so easy to use.  Because it is cloud-based, I can hire help who can work from their location and easily connect…

Easy to use, staff goes above and beyond to help.”

Deidre R.
Owner | Medical Accounts Receivable Services Company

Very User Friendly

“Very user-friendly and economical…

User friendly. Easy setup Economical.”

Terrann D.
CEO | Billing Company

Multiple Providers in One Account

“This software is user-friendly. allowing multiple providers in one account.”

Maria C.
Owner | Billing Administrator Company

Love the Customer Support

“I have used EZClaim since I started my business in 2005. I love the customer support and the features the software offers. It’s easy for new billers to learn…

I love the cost structure for the billing software as well as the ease of using the software.  I love the support and the quickness of their response.”

Deborah R.
Owner | Medical Billing Company


“Phenomenal. The software is fantastic, the price is great and the customer service is out of this world. The best purchase I’ve made for my company, hands down…

Customization. Not having a plethora of ‘area restricted’ signs all over was a big selling point. I don’t like when something I purchase tells me what to do or how to do it and EZClaim allows me to captain and that’s my main reason for choosing them.”

Jeff V.
Owner | Medical Billing Company

Most Professional Support Team

“The staff support is the most professional support team I’ve ever been involved with in my 50 years of billing. They were patient with this non-computer person and never thought any question, as dumb or repeated was a bad one…

The ease of use. I could teach a non-computer literate person to use the system quickly and easily. The tutorials are awesome…

There’s actually nothing on don’t like about it.”

Linda T.
President | Congregate Care (Multiple facilities)

Great TriZetto Support

“EZClaim combined with Trizetto helps our company have minimal claims that are “not accepted”…

For our purposes, EZClaim is the best value for the money. There is enough capability to make our billing process smooth.”

Karen R.
Controller | Health Care Organization

So Easy to Use

“This software is so easy to use. Is very accessible with multitasking!…

Everything is good!! No complaints 🙂  Love this software!!”

Claribel A.
Owner | Billing Company

Highly Recommended

“Highly recommend this billing software…

Every billing software guarantees great customer service, but it never happens or they are very annoyed when helping you. EZClaim is always quick to answer the phone and solve any issues and very prompt in responding to emails and never makes you feel like a burden. …

I really like that you can set up each login to be set up how you personally work on a particular clinic. My staff all work a little different so everyone has it set up to what works best for them.”

Krystal A.
Owner | Medical Billing Company

User-friendly and Dependable

“Great program. We have been using EZClaim since 2006. Very pleased with the program, support team, and staff always very helpful and friendly…

Very user-friendly and dependable.”

Denise P.
Owner | Professional Practice Management Firm

Never Get Sent Overseas!

“Top Notch Billing System…

The customer service is great and you NEVER get sent overseas! They are constantly doing updates to improve their software. They will also design, at an additional cost, special reports if you can’t find one to suit your needs.”

Kim S.
Billing Manager | Billing Services Company

Customer Support is the Best

“Could not ask for better…

EZClaim customer support is the best. They go above and beyond for their clients. The system is very easy to work with and train new staff on. We could not be happier!”

Joetta K.
Director of Accounts Receivable | Medical Billing Company

Affordable and a Good Value

“Efficient Medical Billing…

It is very easy and user-friendly. It is also affordable and a good value…

Nothing comes to mind. This product provides me with all the tools I need.”

Alexander C.
Manager | Major University

Support Staff is Friendly

“Easy to use…

The support staff is friendly every time I call to get a question answered.”

Jeff W.
Manager | Hospital

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