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Create and view patient appointments, convert appointments into claims, collect payments, populate reports, and simplify your workflow, all from one intuitive medical scheduling software!
Medical Scheduling Software

Medical Scheduling, Optimized

Our robust medical scheduling software seamlessly integrates with our billing tool, and enables your practice to become more efficient.

Drag and Drop Appointment Creation

Customize Borders & Background Colors

Search For Open Time Slots

Track Authorized Visits

Scheduling Alerts

Eligibility Options

Record Patient Payments and Print Receipts

Reminder Notifications

Better Together

Our medical scheduling software shares patient information and fully integrates with EZClaim Billing. Changes made to the patient information in Billing are reflected in Scheduling, and vice versa, ensuring your tools are connected.

Another benefit of using Scheduling and Billing together is the ability to transfer appointments and generate claims. The transfer function makes use of EZClaim”s claim templates feature. Even though this is not required, claim templates may help in preventing extra data entry once an appointment has been transferred to Billing, making your organization more efficient.

We Exist to Help you Optimize your Medical Billing Process

Robust Reporting to Make Your Business More Profitable

Access comprehensive, real-time reporting that enables you to make swift business decisions. No more guesswork. Make strategic decisions based on the most accurate data possible.

Industry-Leading Support Team

EZClaim is a customer service company that happens to sell medical billing software. Our US-based customer support team is the best in the industry, and is ready and willing to help with any and all questions you may have regarding our solutions, should they arise.

Seamless Automation

You have a business to run. Your time shouldn’t be spent on tedious manual tasks. Utilize pre-filled templates and automatic checklists to save time and money by automating your most cumbersome processes.

Automation not only allows you to bill more accurately than ever before, but to do so with precise accuracy free of manual data entry errors.

EZClaim Billing
Eligibility and Claim Tracking
Clearinghouse Integration
Integrated Applications
Credit Card Processing
Electronic Remittance Advice

Now that you’ve seen our medical billing software, take a look at our other intuitive products!

EZClaimPay allows you to streamline your billing process, simplify the fees, get paid faster, and reduce collection costs. Bill more efficiently with card-on-file recurring payments, email and SMS text message payment reminders, and give your patients the convenience of an easy online payment portal.

The EZClaim Portal is a low-cost option available to anyone using EZClaim Cloud to quickly gain read-only access to their EZClaim data. This portal helps in reducing delays in communication, giving more visibility to providers, and helping deliver peace of mind without a large financial commitment.

If you are a billing service with multiple company files and would like to allow a provider access to a single company file, the EZClaim Portal is for you!

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