Frequently Asked Questions

Before you fill out a support ticket, take a look at the frequently asked questions below. Most of the time they will either answer your question or give you a bit more details to be able to more accurately communicate your issue to us.



Will EZClaim software work on Mac or PC?

EZClaim Cloud will work on both Mac and PC. 

Electronic Billing


Can I test TriZetto clearinghouse services before I purchase?

You do not need to purchase EZClaim to trial TriZetto Clearinghouse services.   Contact TriZetto/EZClaim sales at 800-969-3666 or for TriZetto enrollment information.

Do I need additional software for submitting electronic claims?

No, your claims are sent directly from your EZClaim program with a simple click of your mouse. Reports received back from TriZetto will also be available in EZClaim.

How long does it take to setup TriZetto clearinghouse services?

The enrollment period can vary depending upon the time your office has available to complete the steps required.  Contact TriZetto to determine your time frame.

May I include secondary insurance information on claims submitted electronically?

Secondary insurance may be submitted to those payers who accept secondary claims such as Medicare, Blue Cross and Medicaid. EZClaim is also able to submit MSP claims.



Are billing codes included?

EZClaim provides both a Procedure code (CPT, HCPCS) library and a Diagnostic code library (ICD) for codes.  You simply populate the libraries with the codes and charges that you use most often. You can also  import codes purchased from a third party. 

Does EZClaim include reports?

Yes. There are over 40 reports included with EZClaim and unlimited number of customizable grids which can be exported.

Installation, Technical Support Licensing


Can EZClaim be installed on a network?

Yes. Multi user purchasers can setup EZClaim on either a client-server type network or a peer-to-peer style network. Single user purchasers can install the database to a different computer located on the network or even an external hard drive attached to your machine.

Can data be transferred from our current software to EZClaim?
EZClaim uses a standard database format.  If you are able to access your data, a computer consultant should be able to help you transfer data. 
Can I install EZClaim on more than one computer?

Single user purchasers can install the program on your office computer and home computer or laptop. Multi-user purchasers can install the program on more than one computer as long as it’s connected to a local network.  You can not purchase a single copy and install it at multiple offices. Each office would require its own license.

How long does the Cloud setup process take?

The Cloud setup process takes 24-48 hours to complete.

Support & Training


Do I have to sign a contract to use your software?

No, you are billed on a month-to-month basis.

What are EZClaim's support hours?

EZClaim’s support hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm EST.

What are my support and training options?

EZClaim offers 3 levels of support * Free support is available from multiple sources: – Web site support tools – Within the program by pressing F1 at any time – Printed Manual included with the purchased software * Paid support is available on a contract basis or a per call fee * Telephone training is available on an hourly basis

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