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EZClaim is a medical billing and scheduling software company that provides a feature-rich practice management system specifically tailored for the small to medium-sized provider office and outsourced medical billing firms. It also includes integrations with a number of EMR/EHR vendors.

EZClaim’s Medical Billing

Whether you are a doctor, practice manager, or billing service owner, EZClaim Billing is designed with you in mind, simplifying your claims management from data entry to payment posting—and beyond.

EZClaim primarily supports the following specialties: General Practice, Therapy, Vision, Surgical, Medical Specialties, Home Health Care, and Outsourced Medical Billing Services (RCM). However, the software is very adaptable and can be used for many other billing specialties.

EZClaim’s billing software allows the creation of insurance payor lists for Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Clearinghouse payer IDs, governmental MCO’s, auto insurance, and worker compensation groups.

EZClaim serves anyone submitting CMS 1500 (professional) or UB-04 (institutional) charges for reimbursement.


EZClaim Billing’s Interfaces

EZClaim partners with EHR systems, clearinghouses, statement and payment services, HIPAA compliance, claim scrubbing, MIPS compliance, appointment reminders, and inventory management to provide an integrated, comprehensive solution for your practice.

EZClaim’s numerous interface options help to power this ecosystem of connected tools to streamline your workflow. For more information or questions, contact sales.

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EZClaimPay is a new ‘feature’ added to the Billing software. It is EZClaim’s own payment platform to make the Billing software MORE POWERFUL—by making accepting credit and debit cards for payment PAINLESS!

Have ANY Of These Problems?

Inaccurate Bank Deposits
Monthly Reconciliation Hassles
Data Protected on Secure Servers

Statements are Hard to Understand
New Fees Showing Up
Poor Support Experiences

ALL Problems Have Been SOLVED!

Simplified Payments Reconciliation
Pricing You Can Understand
Lower Fees and No Confusion

Single Source of Support
Payment Can Be Made Online
Credit Cards Are Stored Securely on File

EZClaim’s ‘CLOUD’

EZClaim is a “SaaS” (Software as a Service) product. That means that the software ‘resides’ in the ‘Cloud’ (on a server connected to the Internet). One then accesses the Billing and Scheduling applications via the Internet, not on their computer. This frees one from installing and maintaining both the software and the hardware.

This is why EZClaim now is a “subscription” service rather than a “purchase” of a product. The subscription allows a company access to the software “on-demand,” and has many benefits.

Cloud Features

No Contracts
Nightly Backups
Data Protected on Secure Servers
Program Support and Updates Included

Works on All Operating Systems
Less Onsite Technical Support Required
Dedicated Onboarding Coach Included

EZClaim Billing Software Pricing

EZClaim’s pricing is COST-EFFECTIVE and very simple to understand:

First (single) user is $159 per month; All additional users are $109 per month*
[ One company file is included for the first (single) user ]
Additional COMPANY FILES are $30 per month
PORTALS are $10 per user

Services Included:

Designated Onboarding Coach or self-serve option
Training during Onboarding
Daily backup of cloud data
Online and live support resources
Statement customized with your company logo

* NOTE: Additional clearinghouse fees may apply.

Get EZClaim Billing Software Now!

If you are familiar with EZClaim BILLING software and just want to purchase a software license directly, the following self-service purchase form will allow you to do that.

All you need to do is provide the number of Billing Software users, the number of Company Files you will need, and the number of Portal Users you will need.


EZClaim’s BILLING software is designed to allow outsourced billing and revenue cycle management.

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EZClaim’s Scheduling

EZClaim Scheduling integrates with our EZClaim Billing software or can be used as a standalone product.

Create and view patient appointments, convert appointments into claims, collect a payment, populate reports, and simplify your workflow.

EZClaim-Scheduling-Calendar Screen

EZClaim Scheduling’s Key Features

Scheduling shares the patient information with EZClaim Billing. Changes made to the patient information in Billing are reflected in Scheduling. In addition to that, changes made in Scheduling are reflected in Billing.

Another benefit of using Scheduling and Billing together is the ability to transfer appointments and generate claims. The transfer function makes use of EZClaim’s claim templates feature. Even though this is not required, claim templates may help in preventing extra data entry once an appointment has been transferred to Billing.

Scheduling Features

Fully Integrated with EZClaim Billing
Convert Appointments to Claims
Drag and Drop Appointment Creation
Customize Border and Background Colors
Search for Open Time Slots
Track Authorized Visits
Appointment Templates

Scheduling Alerts
Eligibility Options
Record Patient Payments
Print Patient Receipts
Customize Super Bill
Appointment Wait List
Reminder Notifications with ReminderCall


The EZClaim Portal is a low-cost option available to anyone using EZClaim Cloud to quickly gain read-only access to their EZClaim data. This Portal helps in reducing delays in communication, giving more visibility to Providers, and helping deliver peace of mind without a large financial commitment.

If you are a billing service with multiple Company Files and would like to allow a Provider access to a single Company File, the EZClaim Portal is for you!

EZClaim-Portal-Claim List Report

EZClaim Portal’s Key Features

EZClaim’s Portal is HIPAA compliant, is fast and secure, allows 24×7 access, and is cost-effective.

Portal Features

Access Patients Along with Patient Balances
Run Reports by Specific Patients
Control User Access to Widgets and Reports
Expand or limit user access

Add or remove users instantly
Display activity logs at any time
Brand the Portal with your company logo

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