EZClaim Medical Billing

EZClaim Billing

Does your office require a powerful medical billing program?

Single User $139 per month

  • NEW EZClaim Portal
  • Cloud
  • Interface with Practice Fusion and other EMR’s
  • Electronic Billing through TriZetto or any other Payer or Clearinghouse*
  • Billing service ready; multiple company files
  • DMERC, Ambulance and Chiropractic billing
  • User level security and tracking
  • Eligibility options
  • Auto-Post ERA’s
  • Patient statements
  • Document linking
  • Flexible reports
  • Task management system for follow-up
    *Additional clearinghouse fees may apply

Create Appointments — Simplify your Workflow

EZClaim Scheduling

EZClaim Scheduling integrates with our EZClaim billing software or can be used as a standalone product. 

  • Fully integrated with EZClaim billing
  • Convert appointments to claims
  • Drag and Drop appointment creation
  • Customize border and background colors
  • Search for open time slots
  • Track authorized visits
  • Appointment templates
  • Scheduling alerts
  • Eligibility options
  • Record patient payments
  • Print patient receipts
  • Customize super bill
  • Appointment wait List
  • Reminder Notifications with

Access Your Cloud Data – Low Cost Portal Option

The EZClaim Portal is a NEW low-cost option available to anyone using EZClaim Cloud to quickly gain read-only access into their EZClaim data. This Portal helps in reducing delays in communication, giving more visibility to Providers and helping deliver peace of mind without a large financial commitment.

If you are a billing service with Multiple Company Files and would like to allow a Provider access to a single Company File, the EZClaim Portal is for you!

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Fast and Secure, 24×7 Access
  • Affordable, Cost-effective

Accessibility & Visibility Control

  • Access patients along with patient balances
  • Run reports by specific patients
  • Control user access to widgets and reports
  • Expand or limit user access, add or remove users instantly
  • Display activity logs at any time
  • Brand the Portal with your company logo


Access Anywhere. Any Time.


Outsourced Medical Billing

Are you ready to outsource your billing and revenue cycle management?

Here at EZClaim we focus heavily on perfecting our platform and providing the customer service you have come to expect, so we do not offer medical billing services. The good news is that many of our customers are billing firms that use EZClaim to do billing for many practices across many specialties. If you are a current EZClaim customer, this allows you to stay on the same great platform you have today and focus on your patients. If you are new to EZClaim you will have the visibility and flexibility you want regarding the data and you can rest assured your billing firm is already an expert on the platform.

If you have questions about our Medical Billing and Scheduling Software, please contact sales. Our Medical Billing and Scheduling Software team are ready to assist!

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