Easy Claim Portal

The EZClaim Portal is a NEW low-cost option available to anyone using EZClaim Premier Cloud to quickly gain read-only access into their EZClaim Premier data. This Portal helps in reducing delays in communication, giving more visibility to Providers and helping deliver peace of mind without a large financial commitment.

$10/month per user

HIPAA Compliant
Fast & Secure, 24-7 Easy Access
Affordable, Cost-Effective






Access Anywhere. Any Time.






Accessibility & Visibility Control

The EZClaim Portal was designed to be a versatile product for a wide range of users. If you are a billing service with Multiple Company Files and would like to allow a Provider access to a single Company File, the EZClaim Portal is for you!

  • -‣ Access patients along with patient balances
  • -‣ Run reports by specific patients
  • -‣ Control user access to widgets and reports
  • -‣ Expand or limit user access, add or remove users instantly
  • -‣ Display activity logs at any time
  • -‣ Brand the Portal with your company logo

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