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EZClaim primarily supports the following medical billing specialties: General Practice, Therapy, Vision, Surgical, Medical Specialties, Home Health Care, and Outsourced Medical Billing Services (RCM). However, their billing and scheduling software is very adaptable and can be used for many other billing specialties.

EZClaim’s billing software allows the creation of insurance payor lists for Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Clearinghouse payer IDs, governmental MCO’s, auto insurance, and worker compensation groups.

EZClaim serves anyone submitting CMS 1500 (professional) or UB-04 (institutional) charges for reimbursement.






Excellent Customer Support

“Excellent customer support, very accessible and patient with questions…

Ease of use, reports choices, reliability, and excellent customer service.”

David F.
Owner | Psychotherapist Practice

Easy to Use

“Great and easy billing system…

Easy to use; Great customer service; Very friendly and knowledgeable.”

Wendy L.
Owner | Physical Therapy Practice

Integrated With Practice Fusion

“Very easy to use the system for billing and scheduling…

There are many benefits to this software. Electronic billing, ERA’s, patient statements, and credit card processing. Great support…

There are several features that I love about this easy software. The electronic billing and ERA works well with other integrated applications such as Practice Fusion. It has a great support system. Also, you have credit card processing available to you. As well as patient statements and the ability to have a task list.”

Lori L.
Billing Manager | Psychiatric Consultants

Amazing Customer Support

“Excellent, easy to use software…

Great product, very user-friendly. Amazing customer support staff willing to help you and go the extra mile…

Easy to use. New employees learn it quickly. Support staff will create reports and modify the software for me when requested.”

Tony C.
Director of Operations | Occupational Therapy Practice

Ease of Use

“Everyone has been very helpful and has answered my questions…

Ease of use. Customer support. Old data was switched to the new system.”

Lemmie R.
Office Manager | Internal Medicine Practice

Long-time User

“Long-time user (roughly 15 years)…

Solid software that I hope we are able to continue using for the long haul…

Easy to use and great for mining information.”

Sarah S.
COO | Counseling Services Company

Everything in One Area

“Overall, I think this system is wonderful, and the support team is excellent…

The easy flow and convenience of everything being there in one area. You don’t have to navigate around to different tabs to create a claim or enter patients.”

Marypat S.
Owner | Medical Care Practice

Basic and Advanced Webinars

“I am a manager of 14 employees who use EZClaim Premier. When new hires come on board, I sign them up for the basic and advanced webinars. I feel it is a good hands-on for them, rather than sitting with myself or another co-worker for training on this billing software. Thank you for offering them on a regular basis.”

Claudia M.
Manager | Medical Practice

Simple and Straightforward

“EZClaim is just a simple program. Easy to understand, easy instructions…

EZClaim is very easy, It’s simple and straightforward! They have a lot of helpful information on the website. The staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to help…

There really isn’t anything I don’t like that I have found.”

Debbie P.
Owner | Counseling Practice

Well Worth the Money

“Well worth the money and training time.  EZClaim has made my life a lot easier…

Very customizable features, extensive help screens.”

Stefanie W.
Insurance Coordinator | Addictive Problems Center

Enhanced Patient Payment Compliance

“I can’t believe how easy your Premier Software is to use. I can figure out the nuances without any tech help, and when I do need tech support, your team picks up the phone on the first ring. They know me and they literally help me within minutes. I highly recommend the Premier software. It has enhanced patient payment compliance.”

Valli G.
Medical Director | Sports Medicine Practice

Recommended to Many Clients

“Powerful, lightweight product that won’t break the bank…

EZClaim is simple to set up and easy for any beginner in healthcare office management and medical claims billing to understand. I tested this product as a possible software for my small business, and I was so impressed with it that I have recommended it to many of my clients.”

Abraham S.
Compliance Officer | Home Health Care Company


“The things I like best about this product and vendor are ease of use and accessibility.”

Marian L.
Manager | Health Care Company

Saves a Ton of Time

“EZClaim has, hands down, been the best billing software I have ever used, and I have been in the medical industry for 23 years. It is user-friendly, has great shortcuts, and the customer service has always been amazing!…

The entire system is extremely easy to use. The feature I like the most is the use of templates. I set up templates for the most common type of appointments. This allows me to create and finish a claim in less than 30 seconds. Saves me and my staff a TON of time.”

Jana M.
Director of Client Services | Wellness Organization

Navigation of Multiple Things

“Easy to find what you are looking for. Navigation of multiple things at one time has been very helpful.”

Jessica T.
Billing Specialist | Social Services Organization

Stable, Reliable, and Sound

“A terrific product, with stupendous support and decades of successful experience using it!…

I have been involved with the EZClaim team since the first years of its development, and have never met a more helpful, expert support team (including the original lead developer of the software, Al Nagy)…

The features are stable, reliable, and sound. What more can you ask for? The software is continually being improved (I was among the first commercial users many years ago and have remained a loyal and satisfied customer without fail throughout that time).”

Steve K.
Executive Director | Non-profit Organization

Great Product, Great Value, and Great Service

“The software is full-featured, and the integration with our clearinghouse is near seamless. Their customer support is quick and responsive. Overall, it’s a very well-designed product…

There isn’t much to dislike about this! Great product, great value, and great service!”

Aaron W.
COO | Medical Supplies Company

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EZClaim does not ONLY support these specialties. It is flexible enough to be used for many other billing specialties.

To find out if EZClaim will work for your particular specialty, you can view the major features for more specifics or, if you need more assistance, e-mail sales or call 877.650.0904 to talk to a knowledgeable sales representative.