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The EZClaim medical billing solution addresses the specific needs of the General Practice specialty, which includes family practice, internal medicine, and pediatrics.

General practices are usually the first to be contacted by patients who are worried that something is wrong. Consequently, general practices deal with a broader range of conditions and patient demographics than specialty practices, so a billing solution needs to be able to assist practitioners in providing appropriate treatment or referring to specialty practices.

That said, there is no special ‘feature set’ for general practice, but at a minimum, a general practice billing software should offer functionality that can help practices cost-effectively bill for their services, be able to follow up on that billing and be able to prepare a variety of reports.



General Practice

EZClaim’s general practice billing software allows the general practice to create claim templates that are combined with treatments and office visits for a one-click entry on the claim service line. It also can create multiple templates for unique patient well check services or sick visit codes.

In addition to that, the EZClaim Billing solution can create unique custom statements to send to the responsible parent or head of household, document patient copay, and or deductible payments.

For the provider, it can create receipts and balance reports, track provider services performed, and provide a follow-up for outstanding accounts. The system also provides end of day transactions and deposits reports.

Family Practice

Just like the general practice, EZClaim allows the family practice to create the same kind of claim templates. It also provides parents with an insurance verification print out for clear benefits coverage of services performed, the out-of-pocket expenses they are responsible for, and customized statements.

For the provider, the EZClaim Billing system also quickly documents the patient copay and or deductible payment in each ledger, providers receipts and balance reports, and tracks the services they performed, and the total number of patient visits. 

Internal Medicine

The EZClaim Billing solution provides claim templates for the internal medicine office for a one-click entry on the claim service line. The system can also create multiple templates for unique patient services.

The system has the capability to create unique custom statements that document the patient copay and/or the deductible payment for each patient. The system can also the total number of patient visits, and the related services that were provided.

To keep the office in the ‘black’, the system provides reports on outstanding accounts. To keep the office running smoothly, the system provides end-of-day transactions reports, including balances and deposits.


For the pediatric office, the EZClaim Billing system can create multiple templates for unique patient well-check services and/or sick visits CPT codes.

Just like the family practice, the system provides parents with a print out of insurance verification showing their benefits coverage for the services performed, the expenses they are responsible for, all in a customized statement that is sent to the responsible parent or head of household.

For the provider, the EZClaim Billing solution tracks the services performed by the provider, and number of patient visits. The system also provider receipts and balance reports such that the staff can easily follow up on outstanding accounts. 



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EZClaim does not ONLY support the General Practice specialty. Its software also aptly accommodates the Therapy, Vision, Surgical, Medical Specialties, Home Health Care, and Outsourced Medical Billing Services (RCM) specialties.

EZClaim software allows the creation of insurance payor lists for over 6,000 connections, with Clearinghouse payer ID’s, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, government county MCO’s, auto insurance companies, and worker compensation companies.

Don’t see your specialty mentioned? Well, EZClaim software is very flexible and can be used for many other billing applications. To determine if it will work for your specialty, view a list of its major features for more specifics about its capabilities, e-mail sales, or call 877.650.0904 to speak with a sales representative.


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