Outsourcing / Medical Billing Companies

Outsource your billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) with the following companies that use EZClaim’s medical billing software.

Many of our customers are billing firms that use EZClaim to do outsourced billing. They have experience across many specialties. This will allow you to use EZClaim for your billing, and put more focus on your patients.


The following are a few companies that use EZClaim’s Billing software to provide billing services for their clients.


Achane Medical Billing

Description: Achane Medical Billing LLC is a family-owned medical billing company in South Louisiana that offers exceptional and personalized services tailored to each of our clients’ needs. Revenue cycle management is too important and complex to be an handled by just anyone. We specialize in varies specialties across the USA and interfaced with EZ Claim. We’ve been growing clinics and healthcare providers since 2015 and pride ourselves on helping you see your dreams of having a successful practice come to life. Our team of professional coder work hard to find your practice new CPT codes and services to provide to increase your reimbursements. From billing, coding, compliance and credentialing- Achane Medical Billing LLC is your one-stop shop.

Contact information: Erin Achane

States served: All

Phone: 337.514.5065

Fax: 844.392.7926

Email: erin@achanemedicalbilling.com

Website: www.achanemedicalbilling.com

All Provider Billing Services-Logo

All Provider Billing Services, LLC

Description: All Provider Billing Services, LLC is a professional billing company that serves providers throughout the US. We are family-owned and operated. We specialize in practice management including but not limited to: Physical Therapy, Dietitians, Mental Health, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, and various other medical billing. We help private practices, group practices, and agencies. With over 17 years of experience, we offer a full support system to our providers. Let us take the financial aspect out of the therapy session, so you can focus on patient care.

Contact information: Michelle Ward

States served: All

Phone: 458.205.5386

Fax: 458.221.4214

Email: michelle.apbs@outlook.com

Website: allproviderbillingservices.com

BC Medical Billing

Description: BC Medical Billing is dedicated to providing its clients the highest level of expertise in medical billing services. We are committed to timely and accurate medical billing submission and aim to reduce claim errors, increase reimbursement of claims and reduce turnaround time. BC Medical Billing conducts its business with the utmost honesty and integrity while complying with the laws and regulations that governs our industry.  Our clients see an average of 40% increase in revenue stream within the first year of joining BC Medical Billing

Contact information: Belinda Caballero

States served: All

Phone: 844.607.1980

Fax: 954.507.3768

Contact Us: bcbilling.com/contact.html

Website: bcbilling.com/

Elite Billing Resolutions, Inc.

Description: Elite Billing Resolutions, Inc. has been in the healthcare billing industry since 1995. We are the one source for all of your billing needs. We can provide you with the essential tools necessary to make your practice run with maximum efficiency and profitability. We pride ourselves in our great customer service and high quality of work. We are CRMS certificated billers that are knowledgeable and experienced with HIPPA compliance, Meaningful use, PCMH, PGIP, ICD-9/10, CPT Procedural coding, and various EMR systems.

Contact information: Vicky Greenwood or Jennifer Osborne

States served: Michigan

Phone: 313.221.5085 or 313.208.7618

Fax: 313.334.3824

Email: elitebillingresolutions@gmail.com

Website: https://elitebillingresolutions.wordpress.com

MedCycle Solutions-Logo

MedCycle Solutions

Description: Our goal is to empower organizations by providing innovative best practice solutions.

MedCycle Solutions uses a holistic approach to understand all the facets of your RCM processes. We know that addressing one issue within your accounts receivable (AR) process will most likely impact other elements of your business. MedCycle Solutions works alongside your office, to provide training and support that is appropriate to your needs. MedCycle Solutions’ highly skilled professionals have firsthand experience working in health care organizations, so they know the industry—right down to the nuances of the insurance companies you work with every day. We understand the challenges of declining reimbursement, and are here to help!

Contact information: Ranadene (Randi) Tapio

States served: All

Phone: 320-290-6448

Email: Randi@MedCycleSolutions.com

Website: http://www.medcyclesolutions.com/

PPM Medical Billing-Logo

PPM Medical Billing

Description: PPM Medical Billing has over 25 years of experience providing revenue cycle services to our clients. One of our top priorities is to stay current on policy changes that affect healthcare so that we can ensure top reimbursement to our clients. We have been integrating with EZ Claim since 2006. We offer personalized service to all our clients across the world. Our clients see a 40% increase in revenue when partnering with our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals.

Contact information: Denise Pitts

States served: All

Phone: 661.679.3752

Fax: 661.864.7943

Email: dpitts@ppmmed.com

Pro Billing Services LLC.

Description: Your billing and insurance source with over 20 years of experience. Avoid confrontation in the office regarding financial/insurance responsibilities by referring your insurance and or billing questions for specialized primary care to provide accurate billing and insurance claims. Studies show providers who do not use a sound billing service solution typically collect only 50% to 60% of copayments. This percentage now averages 20% of the total cost of care. This makes for non-profitable medical professionals.

The goal is to get paid on more insurance claims, and have more claims considered effective coverage. Increase your revenue with superior billing/insurance collection processes, and reduce liability and loss exposure with better financial control.

Contact information: Anna Blanco, Certified Medical Biller

Phone: 239.207.7967

Fax: 239.397.2023

Email: Billingnaples239@gmail.com

Prohealth Billing Solutions

Description: ProHealth Billing Solutions is a Pennsylvania-based medical billing service providing medical billing to physicians in the Lancaster, Carlisle, Camp Hill and York areas for over a decade, with a proven track record of results.  We have experience in medical billing for a wide variety of specialties, with a heavy emphasis in internal medicine, pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine. Our team offers experienced, personalized service tailored to our clients’ needs.  Our success depends on our clients’ success!

Contact information: Kim Simmon

States served: Prefer PA, but open to others

Phone: 717.275.7520

Fax: 717.275.7529

Email: ksimmon1966@gmail.com

PT Pilot And Billing RCM

PT Pilot Billing and RCM was founded by a team of Physical Therapy and Medical Billing Veterans. 75% of our Billing Managers each have over 20 years experience. You work hard to help your patients live better lives. But when you’re not being paid correctly, your bank account doesn’t reflect your efforts.
With margins lower than ever, every claim matters. Yet:
  • Insurance companies do what they can not to pay you, and
  • Many billing companies only collect some of what you’re owed
If you feel like you’re leaving money on the table – you’re right. Most physical therapists are.
We are focused on just two things:
1. Getting you paid everything you deserve.
2. Helping you find ways to increase revenue. For most of our clients, the recommendations we make can increase revenue by 30% + (without any increase in new patients).
You deserve billing experts that relentlessly chase every dollar you are owed. Schedule a non-sales call today.


Contact information: Matt Slimming

States served: all

Phone: (985) 327-2340

Email: matt@ptpilotbilling.com

Website: https://ptpilotbilling.com/

Ramey Consulting Services, LLC

Description: When you partner with Ramey Consulting Services, you receive more than just an Outsourced Billing Service. Instead, we create a trusted partnership that includes a full-service billing team that has a strong passion for getting you paid. We use EZClaim billing software that interfaces with several EMR programs that are guaranteed to simplify your systems and help you run your practice with fewer headaches.

We started Ramey Consulting Services in 1998 (previously owned as Phymed Billing Services) after recognizing that Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists, as well as Mental Health Providers, were desperately seeking a company that they could trust. Additionally, we sought to partner with EZClaim and we are committed to going above and beyond to provide the level of technology, customer service, and financial transparency you are seeking to manage your Accounts Receivables. We act as an “Extension of your practice” and that is what our clients expect from us.

Over the years, we recognized that the loving encouragement and positive team environment that we provide, not only has a direct impact on the employee morale and internal operations at Ramey Consulting Services, but it also flows all the way down to our clients and their patients.

We would love the opportunity to work with you and show you the service and attention that both you and your practice deserve. Delivering efficient & practical billing to outpatient PT, OT, ST, and Mental Health practices is our specialty.

Contact information: Rhonda Ramey

States served: All

Phone: 918.812.2576

Fax: 844.895.8355 or Local 918.609.8355

Email: Rhonda@ptbiller10.com

Revenue Cycle Solutions, LLC

Description: Formerly known as Certified Reimbursement Solutions, they provide revenue cycle management services, including billing, exclusively to physical therapy and occupational therapy private practices across the country.

Their billing services are provided in integration with our revenue cycle wide process optimization initiatives to accomplish three objectives:

1) Maximize our client’s revenue per visit,
2) Minimize the time it takes for our clients to be paid
3) Accomplish 1 and 2 through the most efficient processes possible.

In doing so, they are able to provide unparalleled results for our clients at very competitive fees. Their one-of-a-kind relationship structure aligns all stakeholders around accomplishing our joint business objectives. They are a physical therapist-owned business, we are data-driven, use only US labor, and provide billing services through client-controlled software systems whenever possible. 

Contact information: Robert Kowalick, Managing Member

States served: All

Phone: 586.930.5359

Email: robert@certifiedrsllc.com

Website: www.certifiedrsllc.com

Spectrum Medical Billing Services, LLC

Description: Spectrum Medical Billing Services, LLC (SMBS) has operated since 2006.  We provide a variety of medical billing services to OT/PT/ST, Natural Path, Acupuncture, Nutritionist/Dietician, Midwifes, Birth Centers, OB/GYN, Behavior Health, ABA, Chiropractor, Family Medicine, Indian Tribal, and others. SMBS has a team of professionals with a variety of expertise and certificates.  My team collaborates together, and is in continuous improvement mode, reviewing and improving our processes to see how we can maximize the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of our services for our client base.

Contact information:  Deborah Rieser, Owner

States served: All

Phone: 907.440.5900

Fax: 844.880.8349

Email: AKSpectrum@gmail.com

Website: www.spectrummedbilling.com

TriZetto Provider Solutions®, a Cognizant Company

At TriZetto Provider Solutions, we aim to simplify the business of healthcare. As a clearinghouse partner of EZClaim for over 15 years, our mutual customers have seen an increase in revenue and functionality through digital technology and automation. By combining intuitive software and customer-focused services with in-depth industry knowledge, we provide complete revenue cycle management services to EZClaim users. Our RCM services can work with any clearinghouse, empowering your organization to succeed and maximize reimbursement. Fueled by Cognizant, our collective expertise and global reach allows you to keep a pulse on your financial health so you can focus on the health of your patients.States served: All

Contact information: Emily Runco


Phone: 1-800-969-3666

Website: https://www2.trizettoprovider.com/EZClaimRCM

Contact us: https://www.trizettoprovider.com/contact-us