Pain-Free Medical Payment Processing

EZClaim has developed our own medical payment processing solution-tightly integrated with our software and support to make accepting credit cards for payment painless.

Software and Payments Are Better Together.

Comprehensive Reporting and Reconciliation

Access comprehensive, real-time reporting that enables you to make swift business decisions. No more guesswork. Make strategic decisions based on the most accurate data possible.

Easy-to-Digest Pricing

Forget long-term contracts and rates that increase every year. With our simple processing rate, there are no hidden fees or mysterious charges.

Recognize Efficiencies

By combining software and medical payment processing, we are able to lower fees, cut out confusion, and get better results for your practice.

Single Source, Best-in-Class Support

No more ‘finger pointing’ between the software vendor and your credit card processor. You contact EZClaim, for everything.

Are Credit Card Payments Causing You Pain?

Our robust patient solution seamlessly integrates with our billing too, and enables your practice to simplify collections and medical payment processing.


– Inaccurate Bank Deposits

– Hard to Understand Statements

– Monthly Reconciliation Hassles

– Poor Support Experiences

– New Fees Showing Up

– Data Protected on Secure Servers


– Payments can be Made Online

– Pricing you can Understand

– Simplified Payment Reconciliation

– Best-in-Class Support Team

– Lower Fees, No Confusion

– Credit Cards Stored Securely on File

A Robust Payment Platform

Payment Report

Multiple reports show fees and transactions. Reports include: Merchant Processing Statement, Transaction and Chargeback Summaries, a Chargeback Summary, and Chargeback Details.

Chargeback Management

Our team works as a liaison between the merchant and card brands, and will gather the necessary documentation to provide the merchant the best opportunity to win the chargeback.

Reconciliation Reports

Merchants can reconcile their bank account easily with data from he following reports: Funding Summary, Funding by Transaction, Funding by Line item, and Merchant Statement.

Hardware Support

The same place you call for your friendly software support is now where you go for your credit card terminal support.

Software Support

The same software support you have come to know and love is still here. We are still a support company that happens to sell medical billing software.

Payment Support

We are here to answer any questions you have with your payment reports.

We Exist to Help you Optimize your Medical Billing Process

Robust Reporting to Make Your Business More Profitable

Access comprehensive, real-time reporting that enables you to make swift business decisions. No more guesswork. Make strategic decisions based on the most accurate data possible.

Industry-Leading Support Team

EZClaim is a customer service company that happens to sell medical billing software. Our US-based customer support team is the best in the industry, and is ready and willing to help with any and all questions you may have regarding our solutions, should they arise.

Seamless Automation

You have a business to run. Your time shouldn’t be spent on tedious manual tasks. Utilize pre-filled templates and automatic checklists to save time and money by automating your most cumbersome processes.

Automation not only allows you to bill more accurately than ever before, but to do so with precise accuracy free of manual data entry errors.

EZClaim Billing
Eligibility and Claim Tracking
Clearinghouse Integration
Integrated Applications
Credit Card Processing
Electronic Remittance Advice

Now that you’ve seen our medical billing software, take a look at our other intuitive products!

The EZClaim Portal is a low-cost option available to anyone using EZClaim Cloud to quickly gain read-only access to their EZClaim data. This portal helps in reducing delays in communication, giving more visibility to providers, and helping deliver peace of mind without a large financial commitment.

If you are a billing service with multiple company files and would like to allow a provider access to a single company file, the EZClaim Portal is for you!

EZClaim Scheduling integrates with our EZClaim Billing software or can be used as a standalone product.

Create and view patient appointments, convert appointments into claims, collect a payment, populate reports, and simplify your workflow.

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