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 EZClaim User Group Webinar: “Ask the Experts”- Hot Topics Series 1 – Reports

Date and Time: Wednesday, January 20th 11:00 am ET.

Description: Join Jaime Bragg and Susan Martinez as they present – Hot Topics Series 1 in the EZClaim Billing Program and Questions & Answer time with your pre-submitted questions.

Series 1 topic reports tab:

  • Overview of Reports tab section
  • Overview of Criteria selection
  • Tool bar review in the report selected
  • Experts Favorite reports
  • Additional downloadable reports section

Save your spot now and let us show you how you can be a better EZClaim User!

You will have the opportunity to submit your questions when you register and during the live session.

For those who cannot attend our live session, we will provide a recording to all registered attendees.

Even if you can’t attend, please register so you can receive the webinar recording by email the next day!

TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS) + EZClaim Webinar: Solutions to Transform your Practice

Date and Time: Thursday, January 28th 1:00 pm ET.

Description: Join TPS + EZClaim to discover solutions that can transform your practice this year. Explore quick and easy ways of verifying patient eligibility while also providing upfront patient responsibility estimates.

During this webinar we will discuss:

Integrated Eligibility: Connect to payers through a single application to get the most up-to-date information on patient coverage, co-pays, deductibles and more. Proactively verify patient eligibility directly from your EZClaim program.

Insurance Eligibility Discovery: Submit a real-time eligibility request using minimal data and identify a patient’s insurance carrier in a matter of seconds. Maintain groups of your common payers and easily locate active patients and full eligibility benefits on our website.

Patient Responsibility Estimation: Quickly obtain patient financial estimates at the point of service to help increase patient revenue, decrease billing costs and improve patient satisfaction through price transparency.

Let us help transform your practice for a better tomorrow.

EZClaim + BillFlash/Nextrust: 7 Ways to Ask Your Patients for Payment

Date and Time: Thursday, February 25th 1:00 pm ET.

Description: Getting paid quickly depends on the patient’s motivation to pay.
Accomplishing this requires tactics that encourage patients to pay by making it a simpler, less painful business transaction.

This webinar will provide seven tactics practices can use to ask patients for payment before their appointment or at checkout. They encourage certain behaviors in decision-making and can help you collect more payments for the services you provide. Tactics include:

  1. A simple approach
  2. Framing the message
  3. Connecting with your patients
  4. Aligning with future actions
  5. Identifying risks
  6. Creating incentives
  7. Establishing a reward system

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