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EZClaim + TriZetto Provider Solutions:  Proactively Discovery & Verify Patient Coverage

Date and Time: Thursday, April 22nd 1:00 pm ET.

Description: Eligibility: The Key to Revenue Cycle Success.
Determining accurate patient coverage before the time of service is critical to reducing financial risk. With automated services that connect directly to payers for the most up-to-date information, you can increase collections and decrease rejections over time by proactively managing the cost of care.

Join us to discover the power of an integrated eligibility solution that can transform your patient experience. Learn the faster, easier way of verifying patient coverage and explore TPS’ Insurance Eligibility Discovery tool, which allows you to identify a patient’s insurance carrier in a matter of seconds using minimal data.

​​​During this webinar you will learn about solutions that:

  • Discover additional coverage that was previously unknown
  • Seamlessly integrate with your practice management system
  • Eliminate the need to manually enter a patient’s insurance information
  • Offer time-saving batch verification of up to 50 patients at a time

EZClaim + BillFlash/NexTrust: 5 Things Your Staff Can Do to Improve Patients Collections

Date and Time: Thursday, April 29th 1:00 pm ET.

Description: Join us to find out how much your patient payments can increase when you incentivize your staff and make simple tweaks to your workflow. Most medical practices assume that the patient alone is to blame for uncollected copays and balances. The reality is that practices are partly to blame. And not just the billers. Collecting payment is a team approach and everyone must be on board! Are you ready to take a fresh approach to the age-old problem of collecting patient balances? In this webinar, you will learn how to improve patient collections by involving everyone on your staff.

You will learn how to increase patient payments in these five ways:

  • Creating a solid financial plan
  • Equipping your staff to collect with confidence
  • Encouraging team collaboration
  • Automating billing and collections
  • Adding some fun to the process

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