Have You Performed a Security Risk Assessment?

Have You Performed a Security Risk Assessment?

Have you performed and identified your organization’s vulnerabilities with a Security Risk Assessment this year?

We understand that achieving and maintaining compliance is a delicate matter as it requires auditing, constant supervision, good staffing, adequate policies, and procedures, along with excellent reporting and investigation of any issues.

The process of assessing and maintaining compliance to any standard is the same, irrespective of the industry but especially when HIPAA compliance is required:

1. Start with a complete understanding of all the rules that you are expected to follow.
2. Establish internal policies and procedures to ensure your organization follows the rules.
3. Regularly check and assess whether or not your organization is following the rules.
4. Address issues whenever you discover the rules are not being followed.
5. Document everything.
6. Perform accurate and thorough Security Risk Assessment(s)

Are you unsure or not clear on what your organization is required to do?

● A Security Risk Assessment will target vulnerabilities related to what is potentially exposing Protected Health Information. Correct any potential risks identified within your Technical, Administrative, and Physical deficiencies.
● A Security Risk Assessment should be completed at least twice a year to target vulnerabilities
● Your policies and procedures should be thorough and accurate and reflect the Corrective Action Plan that is determined by the Security Risk Assessment and remediation steps should be taken to correct any deficiencies or vulnerabilities found.
● Workforce training should reflect the organization’s HIPAA Policies and Procedures

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