But We’ve Always Done It This Way

But We’ve Always Done It This Way

Written by Stephanie Cremeans and Allison Close of EZClaim

What kind of device are you reading this on? Perhaps on your computer in the office or a laptop at the beach. Maybe a tablet or even a smartphone. Let’s think about that smartphone – isn’t it crazy how much it allows us to do? Anything from calls, texts, email, browsing the web, games, and even conduct business online. Now take a minute to rewind. Do you remember your first cell phone? Many of you may remember bag phones – with a cord and carrying case that you had to lug around. Then came the flip phones – first, they got smaller, then they got bigger, then they started adding cameras, data packages, and streaming capabilities. The cellphone market has been one of constant change, but we can all agree that technology has given us amazing tools to keep us connected, entertained, and productive!

Remember when smartphones started coming out? The “early adopters” were so excited to turn in their flip phones and begin taking advantage of everything the latest technology had to offer. We still see that excitement with pre-orders of the latest and greatest version of a new phone. However, many of us didn’t want to spend the money or take the time to learn these new devices; what we had worked just fine. We could make and receive calls, and we were pretty good at texting with a numeric keypad. At some point along the way, something caught our attention on that silly new gadget. Someone showed us a feature that made us think “hmm … maybe I would like that” or we found that our old device was showing its age and when we went to replace it, we had to upgrade to a phone with more bells and whistles than we would ever need. As time went on and you learned some tricks to help you out, the new device grew on you because it provided personal benefits. You realized that even though the flip phone was all you ever needed and it was what you always used, there is a new technology that worked, well, better.

Change can be scary. Especially when you don’t see the need for it. We often hear “but we’ve always done it this way” only to discover that each element of the current workflow was put into place by various decision-makers (provider, office manager, consultant) along the way, with no true coordination, minimal (if any) efforts to streamline or consolidate processes, and no regular evaluation mechanism to keep an eye on the big picture. We would like you to allow us to present our improved software, Premier. While what you have is already working, just the way you’ve always done it – what else could be waiting for you to make your process faster and smoother? The demonstration has no strings attached. No high-pressure pitch to move systems, we would just like an opportunity to show off the products we have worked so hard on to help your billing workflow with various integrations and many options for customization. We will be sunsetting our Advanced program at the end of 2020. Although the program may still be working perfectly for your practice, how do you know if it can be improved with Premier unless you take a look, see what’s there – even take it for a test drive with our Sandbox trial. We’re confident you will find that feature that will have you thinking, “hmm … maybe I would like that.”

We invite you to take a look at EZClaim Premier – participate in a demo or download your free 30-day trial.