Using Text Messaging to Increase Your Payment Rates

Using Text Messaging to Increase Your Payment Rates

There is one feature of EZClaimPay that has received universal acclaim from our clients, and that is the ability to send SMS text message-based payment reminders to patients. By reaching patients where they are—on their phones—we’ve seen that billers can increase their payment rates and get paid more quickly. This feature has increased patient satisfaction too, reducing payment friction, and allowing them to make a payment in the EZClaim portal with one tap. One client told us:

“We sent out the first SMS payment requests last week, and within several hours had generated 9 payments for a total of over $2,400 back from the patients! The provider is thrilled. After 2 days we had over 11 payments and more than $2,600! What a testament to how well this payment option is for providers and patients.”

With the average business owed $300,000 in late payments, utilizing a two-pronged payment reminder approach is critical to reducing late payments. EZClaimPay automatically generates a payment portal link which can then be sent out via email or SMS. On average, emails receive a 25% open rate, while SMS messages have an average open rate of 98%. Text messaging has proven very effective, with high open rates and engagement rates. However, email notifications are not going away. In fact, using both mediums is the best way to get paid, as each has pros and cons. With email notifications, you get deliverability to every device that your client has, whether it is their computer or the email app on their phone or tablet. With SMS text messaging, you are only getting deliverability to one device, but it is the device that is most likely to be in their pocket right now. When it comes to time sensitive requests like payment reminders, the ability to use SMS text messaging is critical.

Why choose SMS text message payment reminders for patients?

Invoices get paid faster and are more convenient for patients

Reduce payment friction by making invoice payments seamless for customers. EZClaimPay generates a direct link to include in the email or SMS communication that allows your client to make a payment instantly. Making payments easy for patients is a quick and low-cost way to increase patient satisfaction and results in greater engagement overall.

Reach patients with ease

Patients are used to providing their phone numbers to providers, and it is the one piece of contact information that is most likely to be on file. Stop getting stuck in spam and go straight to notifications.

Time savings & reduced operational costs

It gets expensive having patient statements printed and mailed out multiple times. Don’t waste any more time following up with customers manually and making repeated phone calls they may not answer. Give patients a notification right in their pocket and let them pay in one tap with EZClaimPay.

There are so many benefits to using EZClaimPay, and specifically the SMS text messaging functionality for payment reminders. EZClaimPay allows patients to pay online, increase revenue, and a simplify the payment process. For more information contact us or call directly at 877.650.0904.