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If you received an e-mail or envelope in the mail recently about the “Advanced” Upgrade, and just want to upgrade now, either click on the Chat ‘button’ in the lower right corner of this window OR CLICK HERE to be taken directly to the step-by-step process.


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If you arrived on this page another way, the following is some background information about the EZClaim Advanced billing software and how and why to upgrade it to the latest version.

FIRST, your EZClaim Advanced MAY NOT WORK with future Microsoft Windows 10 updates and Windows 11 coming in the NEAR FUTURE.

SECONDLY, Advanced is NO LONGER SUPPORTED. So, if you UPGRADE now, you will get FREE SUPPORT and a ‘coach’ to guide you through the process.

THIRDLY, Advanced WILL BE OBSOLETE if there are any industry-related (i.e. ANSI file formats, HIPAA, etc.) changes in the future.

HOWEVER, we want to HELP to FUTURE-PROOF your REVENUE by providing an INCENTIVE to upgrade to the latest billing software. This can be a ‘HOMERUN’, saving your practice time, money, obsolescence, and future-proofing revenue.


The EZClaim ADVANCED program is retired—meaning that support ended at the end of 2020. EZClaim ADVANCED is built on obsolete technology that Microsoft has limited support for.

Because of this, EZClaim ADVANCED is not future-proofed and cannot be guaranteed to work if there are any industry or technology changes that affect the underlying architecture.

It is important to understand that into 2021 and beyond, EZClaim ADVANCED should only be looked at as a short-term solution for your billing needs. While we understand EZClaim Advanced has been a consistent software solution for your business, it is NO LONGER SUSTAINABLE!

While you certainly can continue to use EZClaim ADVANCED for as long as it works for you, it is vitally important to consider your billing and support needs to continue to manage your billing effectively.


Although we were all ‘set back’ in 2020, it allowed us an opportunity to reinvent our practices and how to reach our patients for services. That said, NOW is the time to revise your medical billing software, and bring your practices into the new technology available—and be prepared for more future changes. It is easy to switch, and EZClaim’s sales, onboarding, and support teams are ready to make the switch easy for you.

  • Speak one-on-one with our consultants about your current office procedures.
  • Discuss your workflow processes, and how you are billing today.
  • Discuss new, enhanced features that will benefit your practice and could increase your revenue!
  • Integrations with Electronic Medical Record Programs.
  • Remotely connect to EZClaim’s software so you can work from anywhere, at any time.
  • Determine what method(s) are you using in collecting patient payments
  • EZClaim now offers a ‘built-in’ credit card processing feature through EZClaimPay merchant services. (We will do a FREE merchant statement review).
  • Clearinghouse services provide you options and more services with the new EZClaim Billing program.
  • We will provide onboard coaching, training, support, and maintenance.
  • There are no more IT concerns, since we do all the backups for you.

Time is RUNNING OUT on your ADVANCED system! Don’t be SURPRISED!


The newest version of EZClaim’s medical billing software has MANY new features which will save you time and money.

  • Integrated credit/debit card processing (EZClaimPay)
  • Store credit/debit cards on file
  • Patients can make payments online
  • Full User Management System/User Tracking
  • Can now sort service lines after entry
  • Greatly improved notes feature
  • Separate reports for insurance or patient balances
  • Check info only needs to be entered once
  • Auto Posting has better control
  • Can now delete an entire posting to start over
  • Dedicated statements screen/statement cycles
  • Report criteria greatly expanded
  • Markedly expanded search capabilities

Click here for more features details


It is VERY EASY to upgrade, and we can do MOST of the work for you! So, just call now: 877.650.0904

However, if you would like to investigate a bit more, do the following. [ Click on the item you want to do ]:


If you are not ready to upgrade RIGHT NOW, the following can help you find out the advantages of upgrading the newest version. [ Click on the item you want to do ]:


E-MAIL US or call us now (877.650.0904) to find out all the details on how to get your gift card.

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