Support Ticket Tips

The following are some tips on what each category covers and details to include in your ticket for the quickest resolution time.

Password Reset

  • For Cloud User passwords resets, please include the user ID that needs a reset
  • For Admin password resets, please contact the Admin contact before submitting a ticket
  • New passwords will only be released to an authorized email on your account

Launching Application Issue

  • What is happening when you try to launch the program?
  • What has changed since you could sign in successfully? (computer update, new computer)
  • When did you last sign in successfully?

Printing or Exporting

  • Are you able to print outside of EZClaim?
  • Is your program opening in your browser, or is it opening in full screen?
  • Are you getting an error message?

EDI/Sending Electronic Claims

  • Have a question about sending claims out? Use this category!

Payment Posting

  • Please make sure to have your 835 ready if you have auto posting questions

Rejecting Claims

  • Make sure to contact your payer/clearinghouse for questions about why the claim has been rejected. For electronic claims, ask for the “Loop and Segment” causing the claim to reject, and this will allow EZClaim to direct you to the appropriate fields to correct your claim.

Importing for EMR

  • Please make sure to have an import file available if you are getting an error importing a file


  • Have a question about EZClaim’s credit card processing service? Use this category!

Sales Invoice or Account Question

  • Have a question about your invoice, or would you like to add additional services? Use this category!

Feature Request

  • We want to know what you want from us! If you ask for it, our team will review it. If your feature request is added to the EZClaim program, your ticket will ensure you are notified when the feature is available.


  • Try to use one of the categories above so that your ticket can be routed to the appropriate team member. However, if it is not covered, use the “Other” category and load us up with the details!


We have many support videos that just might answer your question. Click on the video below to show the playlist of all of the support videos available.

EZClaim - Support Video - Overview of EZClaim

We Desire to Help You Quickly

If the support videos do not answer your question, the quickest way to get a response is to fill out our Support Ticket with as much detail as you can.

Click the link for the support ticket form