Key Advantages of EZClaim

The following are the key advantages of EZClaim’s medical billing software solution.

EHR Integration

You can connect to various EHR systems for your practice. Improve your revenue cycle from setting appointments to processing payments.

Credit/Debit Card Payment Integration

EZClaim now offers an integrated credit/debit card payment solution, EZClaimPay.  This allows for a reduction in double entry and reduces errors.

Intuitive & Dynamic Grids

Grids allow you to sort, filter, and customize columns and layouts to fit your needs. Customized grids are user-specific and do not affect other users in the system. Find Grids allow you to search by Patient, Claim, Service, Payment, Task, Adjustment, Payer, Physician, Disbursement, and Claim Note.

Multiple Insurances

All insurance information is stored at the claim level. That means when a patient changes insurance, it affects only NEW claims. The old claims retain the historical information.

User Authentication

You can easily create users and assign them different levels of permissions depending on their job responsibilities. User authentication automatically tracks and time stamps any changes made to patients and claims.

Patient & Claim Notes

All notes are individually time-stamped and logged under the username. You can’t delete other users’ notes. Notes are also searchable, and changes are easy to track.

Claim Follow-Up

A comprehensive task management system gives you the ability to view tasks at any time, linking directly to the claim/patient/payer and even assigning tasks to other users.

Payment Posting

All adjustments are segmented out giving you high visibility into the ERA data and allowing you to control which adjustments or payments to post.

Patient Statements

A dynamic statement window lists patients that are due a statement and how much they owe. You can see when the last patient payment was made and when the last statement was sent out. An options screen is available to show or hide statement data based on your preferences.

Reporting & Analytics

Every report has its own set of relevant criteria. The ‘Find’ grids have even more. You can generate and open multiple reports at the same time. You can then drill down to link back to the original claim or patient record right from the report.

Industry & Operating System Change Support

In the future, it is possible that the industry, government, payers, etc, will require an update to all billing software. A past example is the 4010 to 5010 format change. EZClaim will be updated to keep pace with the requirements. It is also possible Microsoft will push an operating system update that will impact software products, EZClaim will be tested and updated so that you will not be impacted.

Medicare ID updates

Within EZClaim you can create validation rules to keep claims from being submitted with old IDs.  This will save you time and money reworking rejected claims that will now get paid during the first submission.