Reports – Patient List

This page gives you a listing of all of the Patient List reports available in the EZClaim Billing software.

checkmarkPatient List – Sample – Shows the patient name, phone, last date of service, ID number, account number, status, and balance. Grouped by patient group.

downloadPatient List by Secondary Payer – Sample – Standard patient list grouped by the secondary payer if entered.

downloadPatient Balances – Sample – Standard patient list report that only shows patients with a balance.  Hides patients without a balance.

downloadPatient List by Plan Name – Sample – Standard patient list report but grouped by Insured Plan Name field.

downloadPatient ID List – Sample – Shows the patient name and the ID numbers including the patient account number, insured ID, insured group, other ID, other group, and SSN.

downloadPatient Address List – Sample – Shows the patient name, address, phone number, and gender.

downloadPatients Last Seen Between X and Dates – Sample – Patient list showing patients last seen during a date range. When you click the Print or Preview button, the program will prompt you for the start and end dates.

downloadPatient List by Payer – Sample – Standard Patient List but grouped by Payer Name instead of Patient Group.

downloadPatient List – Sample – Added the patient gender and date of birth. Increased the width of the Insured’s ID Number field to account for longer ID numbers. Fixed the Patient Count field to be correct if any of the patients have no claims.

downloadPatient List Detail – Sample – Shows the patient address and payer information. Updated 2/8/05 to fix multiple records printing if selecting report criteria.

downloadPatients Not Seen for X Number of Months – Sample – Shows a list of patients not seen within the last X months. The patient must have at least one service line so the report can calculate the last visit. If a patient does not have any service lines entered, they will not appear on the list.

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