Reports – Patient Visits

This page gives you a listing of all of the Patient Visits reports available in the EZClaim Billing software.

checkmarkPatient Visits – Sample – Shows patient name, date, procedure, units, charges, and applied amount. Grouped and subtotaled by patient group and facility. Includes the patient visit count.

checkmarkPatient Visits Not Authorized – Sample – Shows patient name, procedure, units, charges, and applied amounts. Grouped by patient group, patient, and claim. Includes number of visits, claim ID, authorization number and detail information for services not authorized.

downloadPatient Visits by Primary Payer – Sample – The standard patient visits report grouped by primary payer.

downloadPatient Visits by Procedure – Sample – Shows the patient visits by procedure.

downloadPatient Visits with From and To Dates – Sample – Shows the ‘To’ date.

downloadPatient Visits – Sample – Added subtotals for the number of visits.

downloadPatient Visits by Referring Provider – Sample – Shows the number of visits and the last time the patient was seen grouped by referring provider.

downloadPatient Visits by Billing Provider – Sample – The standard patient visits report grouped by billing provider (Box 33).

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