‘All-in-One’ or ‘Specialized’ Medical Billing Software? Which is Best?

‘All-in-One’ or ‘Specialized’ Medical Billing Software? Which is Best?

Which is the BEST kind of Medical Billing Software? “All-in-One” or “Specialized”?

When considering WHICH medical billing solution they should use, practices wonder which is best, an “all-in-one” solution or specialized software. Well, the following are a few important pros and cons to consider when making a choice between these solutions.

An “all-in-one” system tries to provide a single, comprehensive solution that offers functionality for the major areas of the practice—Practice Management (PM), Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR/EHR), and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)—accessed from one central point. It has features like clinical notes, patient information, and history, diagnosis and treatments, scheduling, appointment reminders, reports, patient educational resources, as well as a medical billing section.

• Most of what a practice need is included in the system
• There is no need to be concerned with multiple integrations or vendors

• Tends to have a higher ‘entry’ cost
• Usually designed for the “middle-of-the-road,” therefore sometimes doesn’t properly address specific needs of a practice
• Sometimes, the practice is left paying for additional customizations to fit their particular needs

Specialized medical billing software, on the other hand, is particularly programmed to maintain billing details of tests, procedures, examinations, diagnoses, and treatments conducted on patients.   However, many specialized software providers extend their scope to include features like practice management, scheduling, and other administrative and clinical functions (that are generally a part of EHR software systems) by partnering with other specialty software companies—creating a “best-in-class” solution.

• Integrating multiple “best-in-class” software packages—each taking a much more focused approach—creates an offering with much more in-depth capabilities
• Usually are more ‘nimble’ in responding to industry and regulatory changes
• More ’scalable’ in supporting the growth of a practice

• Most of the time the practice has to deal with multiple vendors


Where “all-in-one” solutions offer a wide breadth of capabilities across the business, they usually also lack focus, depth, and sophistication. “All-in-one” solutions are usually only efficient in one area, with the other areas tend to be ‘compromised’ and not fully developed. Then, when it comes to flexibility, they tend to be slow to adapt to changing practice needs.

Specialized software, however, typically offer a more efficient experience, with each ‘component’ streamlined and designed with a specific purpose in mind. Their focus on limiting the software scope makes them flexible and easy to use.

EZClaim—a leading software package in medical billing and practice management—has made it easier for the medical practice to have the benefit of a “all-inclusive” solution. They have created the best of both worlds by taking on the responsibility of integrating the “best-of-breed” into a harmonized “best-of-class” offering that allows the practice to pick and choose for their specific needs. The seamless integration of partner products and services ensures the practice does not have to give up robustness and flexibility for a simplified “all-in-one” solution, and it further enhances the practice’s workflow.

As a specific example, one of EZClaim’s partners is TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS), a provider that seamlessly blends claims processing with revenue management and analytics software, so the practice can get paid faster, and more accurately.

Today, the practice can get the benefit of all the power and ease of use of EZClaim’s medical billing software and all the access and security that is needed when dealing with personal records by using  TPS—which includes patient access, claims and denials management, patient financials, and advisory services.

The powerful integration between EZClaim and TPS efficiently adds functionality to the practice. Now the practice can gain deeper insight into the claim lifecycle, and take the proper steps to improve the overall health of the practice. The right ‘integrated’ solution makes all the difference!

So, if your practice needs more confident billing, after payments, and more informed decisions, but the power of EZClaim and TPS to work for your practice with the integrated suite of revenue cycle solutions.

In addition to TPS, EZClaim has tightly integrated a variety of of ‘components’ to be able to offer an “all-inclusive” best-in-class solution for a medical practice’s needs: Electronic Health Records (EHR), Clearinghouse, statement and payment services, HIPPA compliance, claims scrubbing, appointment reminders, and inventory management. It has partnered with a variety of providers like QuickEMR, BestNotes, and PracticeFusion  [ Click here for an entire list of EZClaim’s partners ].

It is important to note that an “all-in-one” solution does not usually include the Clearinghouse portion that TPS offers. The powerful integration between EZClaim, TPS, and EZClaim’s EMR partners, efficiently adds functionality to ANY practice!

If you are considering the best course of action to meet your practice’s needs, consider using EZClaim by downloading a FREE TRIAL or contact one of their product specialists today to explore all the options for how to best solve your practice’s operational challenges, and grow your business.

For details and features about EZClaim’s medical billing software, visit their website.

Happy Holidays from EZClaim!

Happy Holidays from EZClaim!

Happy Holidays!

Written by Dan Loch of EZClaim – As with most people at this time of the year, I like to reflect a short time on the year gone by before I make plans for the next year. Each year is filled with experiences that shape who we are and where we are going next.

This was a very exciting year for EZClaim and for me in my first year as the VP of Sales, Marketing, and BD. I used this year to truly understand who EZClaim was, is today, and help to guide EZClaim into the future. EZClaim, as many of you know, has been around for over 22 years. We are a firm that values our customers and the support we give them over everything else. We are a support firm that sells software as we like to say.

This year we decided to announce that support would be ending at the end of 2020 for one of our most popular products, EZClaim Advanced. This does not mean people have to stop using a product they love. We want to make sure we can continue to offer great products on the latest technology so it is time for us to move on.

This year we hosted our very first User Group Meeting in our home town of Rochester, Michigan. It was an excellent opportunity to meet face to face with the people we support on a regular basis while making some new friends that are considering our solution. During this meeting, we interviewed some current customers along with many of the EZClaim staff. Please take a couple of minutes and watch some excerpts that talk about EZClaim’s history, support focus, and family focus that forms who we are from our interview with the EZClaim Founder and President, Al Nagy.

We started a Blog this year and for the first time added a Facebook page to go along with our LinkedIn profile. Our plan is to communicate about industry topics on the blog and these social channels to assist our vast customer and prospect network. We have a lot of knowledge built up over the long history of EZClaim and it is time we share it. The blog will feature topics from our partners as well. Please be sure to watch for posts every few days in 2020 and beyond. Please let us know if there are any specific topics you want us to hit as well. We are always looking for feedback.

We added some new partners in 2019 that nicely complement our solution and have the same drive for customer support we do. Live Compliance for all your HIPAA compliance needs, Elation Health EMR for “The Quarterbacks of Healthcare” as they like to say, and Alpha II for claim scrubbing. All the vendors we work with are listed on our partners page.

As we go into 2020, EZClaim will focus on EZClaim Online, another Premier platform product due out in quarter four. This expansion of our Premier platform offers additional flexibility in how our clients interact with our billing and scheduling platform. In addition to Online, we will continue to enhance Premier by introducing new features such as Claim Status Inquiry (CSI) and more.

Thank you for being part of the EZClaim family and taking the time to reflect on 2019 with me and think about an exciting 2020. Please take a moment of your time and watch the message from Al Nagy.

Please have a safe and joyful holiday with your friends and family.