EZClaim Onboarding Videos

These onboarding videos are focused on presenting some helps for the onboarding process.


These videos are focused on presenting the onboarding process, the benefits of the EZClaim Portal, and some reasons why to upgrade from “Advanced.”

EZClaim - Onboarding Video - EZClaim Onboarding Process Overview

EZClaim Onboarding Process Overview

MARCH 26, 2021 | Now that you ordered the program, what’s next? This step-by-step tutorial guides you through how to get started with the EZClaim platform.

EZClaim - Onboarding Video - Benefits of the EZClaim Portal

Benefits of the EZClaim Portal

MAY 4, 2020 | The webinar will show you how the EZClaim Portal complements the EZClaim platform, and how it can benefit you. It will show a few key areas of how the Portal excels is for billing services suppliers wanting to share data and providers who want to see data but not enter data. It is perfect for front desk’ and administrator use.

EZClaim - Onboarding Video - Why Upgrade From EZClaim "Advanced"?

Why Upgrade From EZClaim “Advanced”?

APRIL 14, 2020 | By the close of 2020, EZClaim will no longer be offering support for “Advanced,” and will be helping upgrade clients to “Premier.” This tutorial will show you comparisons between the two versions, and the reasons why you should upgrade.


For additional details about other aspects of EZClaim’s business, view these sales videos and support videos.



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