Carisk Partners

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Worker’s Compensation Made Easy: Get Paid Faster

EZClaim has partnered with Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse (CiC) formerly known as iHCFA to help you save time and money by filing your worker’s comp and auto claims electronically

Carisk Intelligent Clearinghouse, a national clearinghouse, specializes in electronically processing Workers Compensation and Automobile claims with all supporting documents. CiC is an industry leader with the ability to connect to EZClaim Premier and link to more than 1,000 payers and third-party administrators in all 50 states. CiC users can access a web-based system to perform bill validation, review processing status including acceptance or rejection and payment notifications.

CiC supports the following forms and documentation:

  • EC-4 NARR
  • EC-4 AMR
  • OT/PT-4
  • PS-4
  • HCFA-1500

Contact CiC:

(973) 795-1641 ext. 2000